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Never a "Dull" Moment in the Schick Campaign

By Basil Ryan and Fred Keller

District 3 Alderman Candidate Bob Schick, who lost his bid to unseat incumbent Alderman Kristen Wilhelm, has another campaign problem on his hands. Although the general election is over, THE FRANKLIN INDEPENDENT JOURNAL has discovered that the Milwaukee District Attorney's Office is investigating Schick for possible electioneering violations. Schick has been accused of distriuting campaign literature which did not provide the required disclaimer, "Authorized and paid for by [NAME OF CANDIDATE.]"  The guidelines explaining these requirements are distributed to all candidates and elected officials prior to running for elected office. THE FRANKLIN INDEPENDENT JOURNAL has verified with Franklin's City Clerk that Schick received this information. Also of interest is the fact that Schick's campaign literature was distributed in a clear plastic bag along with campaign literature for candidate for County Executive Jeff Stone.  No endorsement was made by Stone of either District 3 candidate and Stone was unaware that his literature was contained in the same clear plastic bag as that of Schick.

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