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Franklin Voters Decide Winners and Losers

By Basil Ryan and Fred Keller 

Franklin Aldermanic District 3

Wilhelm Shaves Schick

Despite some controversy in the final days of the campaign concerning his Financial Statement, specifically his employment status with Waste Management, challenger Bob Schick was soundly defeated by incumbent District 3 Alderman, Kristen Wilhelm.  Here are the preliminary (unofficial) results.

  • Kristen Wilhelm: 1066 votes, representing 71.39% of the vote.
  • Bob Schick: 423 votes, representing 28.28% of the vote.

Franklin Aldermanic District 4

“Peko” Won’t Be Back— District 4 Voters Reject Kosovich, Again

In what could be described as the slimiest race in this election cycle, the citizens of Franklin’s District 4, again rejected Pete Kosovich; this time in his bid to regain the aldermanic seat he once held in this District.  Kosovich lost this seat in 2008, blaming Basil Ryan for his defeat by just a 10 votes to challenger Steve F. Taylor.  In 2011 however, the results were quite different.  Here are the preliminary (unofficial) results.

  • Steve F. Taylor: 1250 total votes representing 62.66% of the vote.
  • Pete “Peko” Kosovich: 738 total votes, representing 33.99% of the vote.

FRANKLIN INDEPENDENT JOURNAL  cameras were on-hand for Alderman Taylor's victory speech and thank you to his supporters at Mulligans

Franklin School District

Voters Expel David Works from Franklin School Board

If the election results for Franklin School Board were a report card, David Works would receive a failing grade.   Newcomer Tim Nielson received 3,462 votes, ousting Works, who fell short with 2,845 votes.   Incumbent Linda Witkowski was reelected to her second three-year term with 4,260 votes.

Witkowski and Board member Janet Evans have been proponents of transparency within the district, making well-informed decisions rather than rubber-stamping proposals presented by the administration, and holding the line on spending.  With the fiscal responsibilities impacting school districts in the immediate future, the Franklin School Board needs to do their homework.  In reviewing Nielson’s campaign site, it appears citizens may have elected another School Board member who thinks independently.  Only time will tell. 

Neilson will officially take his seat on the Franklin School Board at their reorganization meeting, Wednesday, April 20, 2011.  Along with Witkowski and Evans, he’ll join Judith Bialk, Melissa Klein, Debbie Larson and Jeff Traylor.

Here are the preliminary (unofficial) results.

  • Linda Witkowski (Incumbent): 4260 total votes representing 40.09% of the vote.
  • Tim Nielson: 3462 total votes representing 32.58% of the vote.
  • David Works (Incumbent): 2845 total votes representing 26.78% of the vote.

Unopposed Races

Franklin Aldermanic District 6

  • Ken Skowronski (Unopposed incumbent): 1137 total votes, representing 98.44% of the vote.
  • Write-in: 18 total votes, representing 1.56% of the vote.

Mayoral Race

  • Tom Taylor (Unopposed, seeking third three-year term): 7757 total votes, representing 97.3% of the vote.
  • Write-in: 164 total votes, representing 2.07% of the vote.

Here are additional results of the other races in this general election provided to us by Franklin’s City Clerk, Sandi Wesolowski.

Spring 2011 General Election Preliminary Results

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