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Basil Ryan fights for Franklin Senior Travel Program

Over the past several months, Basil Ryan has appeared at numerous Franklin common council meetings attempting to keep the Franklin Senior Travel Program alive. When then Alderman Basil Ryan introduced the Franklin Senior Travel Program in 2002, it started with a $10,000 budget. In 2016 it still has the same $10,000 budget. What the program is experiencing is increased costs over the past 15 years. In 2002 the Franklin Senior Travel Program could schedule 19 bus trips with $10,000. In 2015, only 11 trips could be taken with the same $10,000. In 2016, 10 trips. Without the common council adding additional money to the Franklin Senior Travel Program, it will continue to lose quality bus trips. Mayor Olson stated he didn't care if the Senior Travel Program went on 19 trips or one trip. He was only going to budget $10,000.

Basil Ryan will continue to keep Franklin seniors informed of the status of the Franklin Senior Travel Program. Watch for downloads of pictures and audio of Franklin common council meetings. The Franklin Independent Journal's goal is to keep Franklin seniors informed and educated about how their elected officials react to the needs of the community.


Shirley Bird resigns from Franklin Senior Travel Program


City of Franklin deny seniors money

At the City of Franklin Common Council meeting on November 17, 2015, the Common Council denied the Franklin Senior Travel program's request for additional money for bus transportation. At an earlier common council meeting, the council encouraged the volunteers to request more money for the buses in the 2016 budget. 

In early 2000 Alderman Basil Ryan asked Shirley Bird if she would run the Franklin Senior Travel Program. She agreed and has been running the program ever since with the same budget as she received in early 2000, even though the cost of transportation has risen. The program has cut back on the number of trips due to the costs.

The City of Franklin pays for the bus transportation, and the seniors who attend pay their own way for the trip. These trips have covered all of Wisconsin and northern Illionois and have been successful. The program has grown year to year, even though its funds remain the same and trips had be cut back.

But Franklin politics have infested themselves in the Franklin Senior Travel Program. The same program Shirley Bird made successful. The same program many Franklin seniors look forward to and enjoy.

Watch for the audio post of the November 17 meeting coming soon.


Franklin Historical Society

If you're interested in Franklin history, here's a great event for you!


Community Event:  Saturday, August 15, 2015, Franklin Public Library, 1-4 p.m.

Franklin Historical Society presents "Historic St. Martins: It's People and Buildings"

The presentation will include insights into the history of the village, share stories about the people and show past and present images of the homes and businesses. Free event.


Franklin Independent Journal is Back

We're back! We've had so many people asking us to weigh in on Franklin issues that we've decided to resume publication. Watch for stories and upcoming events happening in Franklin. We also invite residents to submit articles.




Basil Ryan asks, "Facts or lies?"

Have Franklin politics reached a point where residents begin to believe lies instead of facts? Basil Ryan is the latest victim of lies being spread by an individual who doesn't live in Franklin and claims he doesn't know anything about Basil Ryan or Franklin politics. He admits to being a "pioneer" in political mailings and advocacy. What does that mean? Does that make him believable?

The latest round of lies were printed in a disturbing flyer and distributed throughout Franklin. Some of the flyers, which prompted a police investigation, were found at and near Basil Ryan's home. They also were posted on trees, telephone poles, street signs, and area homes in a deliberate attempt to harass Basil Ryan and his family. Rather than focus on important city issues and Basil Ryan's long list of accomplishments, the flyer was used to discredit him and mislead Franklin voters.

We believe Franklin voters are more interested in issues that affect their family, home and community, not lies and bad behavior from someone who was supposedly hired by Franklin residents to make sure Basil Ryan did not win the mayor election. The question Franklin voters should be asking themselves is why are they so afraid of Basil Ryan that they are willing to go to these extremes?





Franklin Politics Turning Ugly

Several weeks ago, mayoral candidate Basil Ryan filed a complaint with the Franklin Police Department involving criminal damage to property and harrassment. A special watch was placed on his home. Upon investigation by the Franklin Police Department, they discovered that a handful of Franklin residents had hired an individual to discredit Basil Ryan and make sure he does not win the Franklin mayor election. According to the Franklin Police Department, this individual does not know Basil Ryan, does not live in Franklin and does not know any anything about Franklin issues. This is not the first campaign this individul was hired to damage.

Another mayoral candidate, current County Supervisor and Franklin Alderman Steve Taylor, is also screaming foul. Apparently some old personal history has surfaced and fallen in the hands of Journal Sentinel reporter Dan Bice. The information given to the reporter was provided to discredit and harm Taylor's reputaion.

Both of these incidents are designed to affect the Franklin mayor's race. So, who is behind these damaging tactics? In Basil Ryan's case they are attempting to slander him with lies, false claims and misinformation. In County Supervisor and Alderman Steve Taylor's case they are digging up old family history.

Two of the three mayoral candidates have been targeted. These are great examples of dirty Franklin politics. Voters should not be intimidated.

The election should be focused on issues that educate Franklin residents to help them make an informed choice when they go to the voting polls on February 18.  






What is the City’s Long-term Vision?

After    the Spring Primary on Feb. 18, 2014, two of the three candidates will advance to the April 1 election for Mayor. There could be no better time to ask this question and Basil Ryan is happy to help you get started with    finding the answer.

In the Fall of 2004, the City of Franklin received this so-called “Long-Term Vision for the City of Franklin” produced by MSA Professional Services, Inc. To view the report, click on the word "this" that appears in red in the previous sentence.

We strongly recommend you read the report before the February 18, 2014 primary election and use your vote to grade the City’s progress. Remember, two of Basil Ryan's opponents were aldermen during the time this vision has been in place. 

All of our representatives should be intimately familiar with the City’s vision, shouldn’t they? In our humble opinion, this goes for candidates’ seeking election, as-well, or they should be prepared to present their own vision. But have they? Or was this report just a waste of taxpayer's money?

For polling locations, check the City’s website or contact the City Clerk’s office at 414-425-7500.


North Cape residents win round one

At tonight's Franklin common council meeting, residents affected by the North Cape Road construction were told their trees would be saved. The city informed the county that they did not want to use state money that required the widening of the road, adding curb and gutter and sidewalks. Those impovements would have changed the character of this rustic road in a rural setting.

Over 300 trees would have been destroyed. Many of the trees were several hundred years old. Residents told the common council at earlier meetings they woud prefer to live with a road in disrepair rather than loose their trees and the character of their neighborhood.

The actual reconstruction of this road now lies in the hands of county officials. The county must approve funds to go forward with road construction. Originally, the county wanted to use state funds to reconstuct North Cape Road. Now the county will have to find the funding within their own budget. So it' not a done deal yet.


The Rock Sports Complex - Special Common Council meeting

The Franklin common council has scheduled a special meeting at city hall on Thursday, Jan. 30 at 4 p.m. The topic is "Concept review for a proposed professional baseball stadium at The Rock Sports Complex, 7900 West Crystal Ridge Drive." 

It's kind of a strange time to hold a special meeting.  The majority of people are at work. There are many other important topics that would justify a special meeting like this.


North Cape Road residents speak out

At Tuesday's common council meeting, residents learned more details about the S. North Cape Road project. People who spoke to the common council were opposed to the character change of their neighboorhood and losing their mature trees. Those who spoke were opposed to sidewalks, curbs and gutters, all designed toward an urban setting.     

Residents learned that Milwaukee County was using state funding to reconstruct S. North Cape Road. It is the State of Wisconsin that was requiring the sidewalks, curbs and gutters as part of a requirement for the money.

Residents made it clear that if they had to accept the requirements of the state for the urban setting, they would prefer to leave the road in its current condition. The common council postponed the issue to February 4. The mayor and common council directed staff and the city attorney to determine if there was another way to obtain the money without the requirements the residents don't want.


Neighbors fight for a voice on local issue

Tonight's common council meeting agenda includes Item G7: Selection of alternate design for reconstruction of S. North Cape Road. This should be an interesting discussion.  The last time the city held a meeting on this topic over 100 residents attended. The real issue is whether or not residents have a say in issues that affect them and their neighborhood. The residents on N. Cape Road were presented with two plans. It appears that the city is steering residents toward the plan the city wants, not the plan the residents want.

At the recent city meeting, comment sheets were provided. The majority of comments are opposed to the plan the city is proposing.



Basil Ryan enters City of Franklin mayor's race

Basil Ryan has announced he will run for mayor of the City of Franklin. Basil Ryan stated, "I'm running for mayor to restore fiscal responsibility to Franklin and give taxpayers a voice in their local government. The tax levy has steadily increased along with spending. Franklin taxpayers cannot afford to pay such high taxes and continue to live in the city."

Franklin needs a mayor who won't be afraid to challenge the status quo. As mayor, I will lower taxes, just as I did when I was alderman. This will require reevauation of the city's policies and procedures, especially how the city determines property assessment. We need to do a better job protecting public safety in Franklin. The money spent on general government has risen by a higher percentage than the money spent on public safety. Many residents feel they do not have a voice in neighborhood issues. We are currently spending money in neighborhoods where the residents are opposed to those projects. We must get our priorities straight.



North Cape Road Neighborhood Meeting Draws Large Crowd

Over 100 residents turned out for a neighborhood meeting tonight. The meeting was sponsored by the Milwaukee County Dept. of Transportation and the City of Franklin. The purpose of the meeting was to get local input on two design alternatives for a section of North Cape Road from Hi View Drive to S. Carroll Circle. Milwaukee County wants to give North Cape Road to the City of Franklin. The City of Franklin is willing to take it but they want the county to make improvements on the road first before the judicial transfer takes place.

Concerned residents were vocal in expressing their opinions. One of the plans for this rural area of Franklin is to install sidewalks, curbs and gutters to make it an urban setting. Many of the homeowners in attendance want to keep the rural setting but don't want the ditch expanded and the loss of trees on their properties. The Franklin common council will take up this issue at the January 21, 2014 meeting.



Did Franklin Common Council Get It Right?

At the January 7, 2014 Franklin Common Council meeting, the following item was discussed: item #5, "Ordinance to Amend the Municipal Code to Provide for the Prevention of Blight Created by the Boarding Up of Windows upon Unoccupied Dwelling Structures." The City of Franklin is having problems with homes that are unoccupied due to the downturn in the housing market. Many of these homes are bank owned as a result of foreclosure action. Banks and other owners, in an attempt to eliminate vandalism, have elected to board up the windows. The common council has now amended the municipal code to prevent this practice.

If the council knows from past experience that vandalism will occur, what are they doing to make sure vandalism stops in our neighborhoods? The other side of the question is -- how are the police involved and how are they fighting vandalism in our community?

Franklin residents don't want to look at blighted homes. But nobody wants vandalism either. Did the common council deal with the real problem?



Basil Ryan Resumes Franklin Independent Journal

Basil Ryan has decided to continue the work he and his dear friend, Fred Keller, started several years ago. Out of consideration, respect, and in Fred's memory, the Franklin Independent Journal will resume.


Fred passed away April 24, 2013 after a long battle with cancer. Fred was the heart and soul of the Franklin Independent Journal. Basil Ryan stated, "Fred was a good friend. It is my privilege to continue publishing the Franklin Independent Journal in his memory."


The Franklin Independent Journal will continue the policy of publishing stories written by Franklin residents about topics concerning the Franklin community. 


Medal of Honor Recipient Conflicted by Joy and Sadness

 ARMY Version of CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OG HONOROn February 12 at a White House ceremony the president award Army Staff Sgt. Clint Romesha the Congressional Medal of Honor, our nation's highest military honor.

For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty...

Read the full citation here.



Fact Check on Obama's State of the Union Address

Can Obama keep promises on the  deficit?




Video of the Day: History of Valentine’s Day




Over $58 billion of unclaimed money in the U.S.

Over $58 billion of unclaimed money in the U.S.


Lauren Simonetti  of Fox Bisiness Network provides some places to look for yours.  So,  not only does  our government spend more than it taks in, it can't even keep track of the money they have take from us—but Obama and the Dems always want more.

Do you have money that is owed to you and your family? Visit